Rally+Rise is about taking action–and making change locally–while redefining what it means to be an activist.

At Rally+Rise, we believe that everyone is an activist–whether you’re a poli-sci major or just a graphic designer who believes that a progressive America is the best America.  

We also believe that activism doesn’t have to be boring; it can look cool, sound real, and be fun. It can be a way to meet likeminded people, learn something new, and feel empowered af.

And perhaps most importantly: We believe that all activism starts locally.

Yes, we did.

Rally+Rise began (c. 2016) with the goal of making New York a true blue state. After two years of hard work, we’ve helped disband the IDC, flip the New York State Senate blue, and elect exciting young politicians to statewide office. (Oh yeah, and helped raise $30,000+ for reproductive and civil rights orgs.)

2019 #goals

Our plan for 2019? Netflix and chill… (kidding). We want to hold our elected officials accountable–after all, we helped get them there–and ensure that the right progressive legislation is getting prioritized and passed.

That includes the Reproductive Health Act, the New York Health Act, the DREAM Act, GENDA, gun control, election and campaign finance reform, and way more.

But we’re eyeing more than just New York; we want to create a community of awesome activists across the country, who can make change while connecting with other cool, engaged people.

Ready to join us

If you live in NY, join us at our monthly Activist Social Club (or invite us to pop up at your event, party, festival, or whatever).

If you live outside of NY, hit us up and we’ll pass along the toolkit to start your own Rally+Rise from wherever you live.



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