Rally+Rise is about taking action–and making change locally.

  Rally+Rise is a group of New Yorkers who are focused on organizing and lobbying locally, so that we can make sure we’re protected—no matter what happens on a national level.

New York is a reliably blue state, but it is not always a progressive legislative leader. The NYS Senate is Republican-controlled, and for years has stalled, blocked, and prevented the passage of many common-sense laws supported by the majority of New Yorkers, from LGBTQ rights to environmental issues. 

Our goal is to rally New Yorkers, organize advocacy efforts, and engage in conversation with legislators around key policy, so that our priorities become their priorities. 



Our current focus? 

educating voters about the independent democratic conferencE.

A majority of Democrats were elected to New York State's Senate—a group of eight State Senators (including six who represent New York City districts), however, defected from the party and joined the IDC, a group of rogue Democrats who entered into a power-sharing agreement with the New York State Senator Republicans.

By doing that, they've handed Republicans control the State Senate—which means that the GOP controls which bills are brought to the floor for a vote. And in the 2017 legislative session they blocked any movement on even the most basic, common-sense bills supported by the majority of New Yorkers. (You can learn more about the IDC here.)


We are not professional lobbyists or political organizers. We are ordinary New Yorkers with extraordinary passion, who refuse to sit back and watch as our basic rights disappear. We are you. All are welcome. No experience required. Now, let’s rally and rise together.



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